The day that i released this, news broke of a disgruntled LAPD officer going on a calculated murder spree because of the percieved injustices enacted upon himself. He was my exact target for this. Spreading more pain and angst is not the answer when you’ve been wronged. You just spread more hell to the rest of the world and make the reality that we live in worse, spinning this world into further decline. If you like my philosophy, spread the word.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

10 Reasons to not do a mass shooting
I have been off the grid as of late, and while watching the horrible monstrosities reported on the news, it has recently occurred to me, that in this crazy world, there may be a select group of crazies who may be reading these words, and considering walking into their school, office, or former workplace with a high powered assault rifle, or a pair of handguns, to exact revenge on everyone they have perceived to have wronged them. If that happens to be you, please, take the time to read the top ten reasons to NOT do a Mass Shooting.
1. It’s getting a bit overdone. I mean, honestly, it’s becoming cliche at this point. Hell,  Klebold and Harris made it suicide-chic when I was in high school, and I am like old. How in the hell do you expect to die famous if there…

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