Never been so focused

It has recently occurred to me, that in the entirety of my career, I have never been 100% focused in on a fight. I mean, at the time I may have believed that I was totally focused, but in retrospect it occurs to me that I had certain extenuating circumstances that were pulling me in one direction or another, and distracting me from the task at hand.

It now occurs to me the reason for this consciousness shift- not only the level of maturity that I have somehow ascertained, but also the people that I have surrounded myself with- the people that are closest to me- the people that support me, and I in turn support them. The people who more than likely won’t even read this blog, because they are so close to the source that they don’t notice the ramblings of my website. Since they won’t read this, I won’t thank them here. I will just encourage you, the reader to attempt to affect positive change on those around you, so that it is possible we bring the level of the entire planet up, just ever so slightly.

Another awesome day of training. Sol. The hard work is over and all the fun begins. Oh, speaking of fun, here’s a funny training camp pic, that look set up, but honestly, we were all working this move and coincidentally fell like this.

Monkey power.